The BMBF-funded project Start_V-AR focuses on the establishment of a European network in the area of virtual and augmented reality training of workers.


The training of skilled workers is a central component of every work process in industry. In a large number of cases, however, this is very expensive since special tools or entire parts of, for example, production plants have to be kept exclusively for training purposes. This circumstance can be circumvented by the use of novel technologies for (partial) virtualization of environments.


Virtual Reality offers the advantage that a user can learn the basics of the tasks in a completely virtual environment and make them easier to implement in the real workplace. Another technology is Augmented Reality, this superimposes the reality with digital objects and can thus display additional information to a user. In the context of the training, the trainees can be shown hints for the task execution here. Almost exclusively, the technologies of augmented and virtual reality have been researched and applied prototypically on their own and independently of each other. However, there is an untapped potential to combine these technologies to optimize work processes in order to create a seamless training concept.

The main goals of the project are:

  • Combine VR and AR technologies to create a seamless framework for the training of workers
  • Set up a European network for joint consideration and research of augmented and virtual reality
  • Submit a research proposal for a European funding program out of this network


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