The main goal of DIGIMAN is to elaborate a master programme study related to digital manufacturing and meet the challenges of industry 4.0. The project will address the gaps in terms of learning Outcomes, competences, skills in educational technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

As declared objectives the project has the following topics:

  • Inventory of relevant digital technologiesd in order to elaborate a guideline for alignment of the industry 4.0 to actual digital devices for fabrication process
  • Elaboration of minimal requirements to introduce a new innovative master programme study related to digital manufacturing
  • Elaboration of a new innovative curriculum on digital manufacturing
  • Elaboration of digital lessons materials in order to improve technical and digital competences
  • Elaboration of learning management system for an open education in digital era
  • Promotion of a new innovative programme study to industry stakeholders, HEIs and students.

Regarding innovation, this project will:

  • Create an innovative master programme study related to industrial manufacturing that addresses relevant needs while the current programmes only address a small part of digital manufacturing
  • Study cases that will allow transfer of knowledge between all relevant stakeholders
  • Step forward towards digital transformation of teaching/learning/evaluating process
  • Digitalization of all lesson materials and share through a learning management system

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