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Control VR


Control VR brings together the leaders in inertial motion capture technology who have spent nearly 20 years developing this technology and making sales to Fortune 500 companies, leading universities and others. We have worked together now to bring this technology to the development community at an affordable price.

Control VR’s patented technology addresses the shortcomings of existing human/computer interaction tools by enabling a 3-D experience that recognizes intuitive gestures. As existing motion-sensing technology is crude, insufficient and limited by confined spaces and camera systems, Control VR is the first product in history to accurately sense the individual movements of all 10 of the users’ fingers as well as arms with 6DOF (Degrees of Freedom). Control VR can be played without space considerations not confined to the line-of-site to any camera, allowing the player to play in any position, like slumping on the sofa, lying down on the floor or even facing 90 or more degrees away from the screen.

Control VR’s team is an assembly of the leading minds in inertial motion sensor technology, motion capture software systems as well as gaming, entertainment and military veterans from around the world.

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