Meeting of the Collaborative Doctoral Programme „PROMISE 4.0“ successfully held at UniTyLab

Meeting of the Collaborative Doctoral Programme „PROMISE 4.0“ successfully held at UniTyLab

How can small and medium-sized enterprises be supported on their way to smart production? How can intelligent production systems and methods be developed for SMEs? The „PROMISE 4.0“ PhD program aims to answer exactly these questions. The Institute for Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) at the University of Stuttgart and the Universities of Heilbronn, Aalen and Esslingen are working together with the PhD candidates and the SMEs on 12 doctoral fellowships in a variety of research areas related to Industry 4.0.

Every six months, PhD students from the doctoral programme and professors in charge of the project come together to discuss the current status of the individual doctorates. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner from the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is represented at the doctoral college.

In July of this year, the UniTyLab of Heilbronn University hosted the PROMISE 4.0 workshop. The programme included a visit to the VR laboratory and the Rettenmaier research laboratory with the Audi driving simulator as well as presentations by the doctoral students, who informed all participants and their supervisors about the progress of the doctorate. These meetings also serve to get to know each other better and provide interesting insights into the respective university.

Prof. Bauernhansl is testing the Audi driving simulator

Prof. Bauernhansl really enjoys the VR experience

The next meeting will take place on 12 February 2020 at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Further details about PROMISE 4.0 can be found here.



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