Review: posters accepted at the 2nd VECTOR Workshop

Two accepted posters at the VECTOR 2018

Great experience for four members of the UniTyLab at the 2nd VECTOR workshop in Tuebingen, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien. At VECTOR 2018, we listend to expert keynotes and different talks about the state of the art and interdisciplinary field of virtual reality applications in psychological research and therapy.

Moreover two posters got accepted:

  1. Matthias Lüönd, Philip Schaefer and Gerrit Meixner

    New conceptual approaches to meet the spatial and user safety requirements of outpatients with anxiety disorders for  virtual reality exposure therapy

  2. Daniel Lochner, Philip Schaefer and Gerrit Meixner

    Fully upper body mapping of a therapist for controlling avatars in the treatment of social anxiety with virtual reality exposure therapy

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