Augmented Reality App for the Bundesgartenschau 2019

„Prospering Life“ is the motto of the Bundesgartenschau, which was opened on April 17, 2019, in Heilbronn. Within the borders, the BUGA offers many exciting projects and promotions are taking place within the entire region.

For the garden show, UniTyLab developed the mobile application BuGAR, which uses augmented reality to bring parts of the garden show grounds onto a smartphone, with iPOL GmbH . More precisely, the app is a kind of knowledge rally, by which the user receives information about the BUGA from small game applications or experiencing this knowledge through perceptible exhibits. 

A feature of the minigame can only be activated at specific locations on the garden showgrounds. Through a push notification the user receives a message that, for example, by entering the area with the wooden skyscraper, the Memory Minigame can now be started.

The functionality of the BuGAR-Memory Game is quite simple: the app prompts the user to point the smartphone camera at the wall of the wooden high-rise building. After the short instructions, the app starts with covering the cards, which are placed on the window. After a timer starts, the cards can be flipped by touching the screen. When the player finds the correct cards, they disappear. When an incorrect image is uncovered, the mismatched pair is covered again. If all the cards are matched within a given maximum allotted time frame, then the time taken is placed on a ranking list. 

The project „BuGAR“ is supported by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation as a part of the overall concept for the joint university presentation of the Bundesgartenschau.

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