Professor Reichenbach speaks at the “TeaP“ in Marburg

Professor Reichenbach speaks at the “TeaP“ in Marburg

The Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP, German abbreviation) will take place next year for the 60th time and will gather hundreds of researchers from biological psychology to social psychology in Marburg as the largest German-language conference of this format.

In Focus: Human Technology Interaction

With three renowned international main speakers, this conference will focus on a topic that has so far been rather neglected in psychology: the interaction between human perception and action. This topic is also of great importance for applied research such as human-computer interaction.

Prof. Reichenbach presents research results

In this spirit, Professor Reichenbach from the Heilbronn University, together with four other colleagues from German and Dutch universities, held a symposium entitled „What about the Cinderella of Psychology? Motor perspectives on human cognitive processing“ and will present its research results of recent years. With her lecture „Visuomotor Binding“ Professor Reichenbach will talk about the connection of executed movements with their visual consequences and show the importance of these mental processes for the design of human-computer interfaces. This research topic is driven by Professor Reichenbach in the UniTyLab of the Heilbronn University and is also anchored in teaching in the focus „Psychology in Computer Science“ of the course „Applied Computer Science„.

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