Car HMI Europe 2017

Car HMI Europe 2017

On June 30, 2017, Carina Häcker from UniTyLab presented the vision of KoFFI (Cooperative Driver-Vehicle Interaction) at the Car HMI Europe 2017 in Berlin. The conference organized by We.CONECT brought together different companies and research institutions to discuss the topics HMI development, user experience (UX) and more. The exchange took place at the Titan Chaussee Hotel in Berlin and offered all participants a great program with keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, and round tables.

The top topic of the conference: „Trust“

One of the top topics of the conference was „Trust“ – How do we create an interface to the driver that creates confidence in automated driving functions? The exhibitors and speakers had very different opinions. For example, it was discussed whether the vehicle of the future is a machine or rather a robot with human traits. KoFFI was a good fit for this and the question of what the relationship between driver and vehicle should be like. In our project, it is assumed that there will be a phased hierarchical relationship in which driver and vehicle are equal partners who can overwrite the behavior of the other party depending on the situation.

It was a successful event with many new impressions and ideas. Learn more at or in the media listed below (© We.CONECT).

You can view an interview with Carina Häcker at the conference here.

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