AR Network – Sensor 4.0

AR Network – Sensor 4.0

Goal of the Network

The aim of the network is the joint development, in particular, the intelligent processing of sensor data and their visualization in connection with technologies of augmented reality. Optimal data provision also requires developments along the value chain with regard to software-supported systems such as service platforms, navigation, app development and connection to other interfaces. These are to be carried out with the support of users and the participation of large manufacturing companies in the form of industrial advisory councils for individual projects and for the network as a whole.

Mission Statement and Vision

Augmented Reality is on the threshold to a breakthrough for use in industry. In order to help Augmented Reality technology to be widely used in industry and to make it an integral part of developments in the industry, the 4.0 environment, however, has numerous development steps that are still necessary. Initial solutions have so far only existed as isolated solutions for individual fields of application, for example in logistics, assembly assistance or service and maintenance. Comprehensive networking has not yet been implemented in practice. The background to this is that numerous developments are still needed to ensure user acceptance. Current challenges lie, for example, in usability, wearing comfort, the power supply of AR glasses, the user-oriented visualization of data and a lack of developments in related technology areas such as sensor technology, as well as in the area of digitization in order to realize appropriate complete solutions.

Within the framework of the „AR-Sensor 4.0“ network, the value-added chain is represented holistically by component manufacturers, processors of sensor data, image processing, navigation/mapping, software providers and users and is to be expanded further. The vision is the combination of existing intelligent solutions with newly developed innovative processes, components, and products to new fields of application and thus to a modular, holistic concept „AR-Sensor 4.0“.

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