Great success at CeBIT

Great success at CeBIT

UniTyLab thrilled with VR-Simulation

CeBIT, the world’s largest and most important trade fair for information and communication technology, attracted more than 200,000 visitors this year. Around 3,000 exhibitors presented a wide variety of applications and solutions for the top trends at the fair. In addition to the thematic focal points Artificial intelligence, cloud applications, cyber security, drones, the Internet of Things and the 5G mobile communications standard were particularly popular with the public for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Minister President Kretschman gets informed at the exhibitor’s stand

UniTyLab from Heilbronn University was also an exhibitor this year and drew a positive conclusion after the first CeBIT appearance.  During the five days of the event, the joint Baden-Württemberg stand of the Baden-Württemberg International Competence Centre was in full swing. Both radio and television, as well as the many visitors to the fair, showed great interest in the technology demo specially created for CeBIT, which gives users a whole new insight into the virtual reality world.

Whether pupils, managers or representatives from industry and research – everyone wanted to take a close look at the locomotion platform „Virtualizer“ at the UniTyLab stand: „For most of them, it wasn’t just a matter of providing information, says Philip Schäfer, a research associate at the research institute. „A large number of people would prefer to wear VR glasses directly and test the VR demonstration themselves“. With an estimated 500 guests at the stand, the UniTyLab staff had their hands full.

Even a prominent participant in Hanover did not miss the opportunity to visit the experts of human-technology interaction. At the UniTyLab, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister President Winfried Kretschmann gained an immediate impression of the fact that virtual reality will be used more and more frequently in industry and the medical environment in the future. Mr. Kretschmann was enthusiastic about the possibility of how a confrontation therapy usually carried out, in reality, can be transported into the virtual reality world and – according to the researchers‘ ideas – possibly treated. There are many states of anxiety, such as fear of heights. With our setup we can graphically display fear of heights within a swimming pool scenario with a diving platform in the virtual world and physically simulate the movements by pulling the feet, also called slides, via sensors on the locomotion platform“, explains the managing director of UniTyLabs, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner, to the Minister President Mr. Kretschmann, the functionality of the CeBIT exhibit.

Not only the research is being focused on

The CeBIT premiere of the research institute was a complete success in every respect. In addition to some promising contacts and informative discussions, the exchange with visitor groups from abroad was not neglected. „We were allowed to spend a great evening with the Japanese delegation,“ Schäfer reports. This special occasion did not necessarily focus on research: „We also discussed cultural differences and interfaces for long-term cooperation. That was incredibly exciting.“

It will also be exciting to see where Virtual Reality’s journey can take us. Is there the much quoted „triumph of the virtual world“? In any case, the UniTyLab staff are curious about the innovative VR concepts to be seen at the next CeBIT trade fair and the contribution that the UniTyLab can present in Hanover.

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