PROMISE 4.0 funded

PROMISE 4.0 funded

Ph.D. Course PROMISE 4.0

Intelligent Production Systems and Methods in Context Industry 4.0 for KMU

The new doctoral college deals with future-oriented research topics around industry 4.0 within the framework of 12 doctoral scholarships.

Our UniTyLab works closely together with the Institute for Industrial Manufacturing and Factory Operation (IFF) at the University of Stuttgart and the Esslingen and Aalen Universities to network with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the major challenges of digital change.

The aim of the doctoral college is to promote and strengthen the implementation of what is commonly referred to as industry 4.0 in small and medium-sized enterprises through scientific preparatory work.

The following research focuses were developed from the competence profiles of the participating universities:

  • Smart Factory Data and Simulation
  • Intelligent Sensors and Actuators
  • Human Machine Interaction
  • Production management in complex manufacturing structures

Doctoral Scholarships

The doctoral program is funded by the State Graduate Sponsorship Program of the Ministry for Science, Research and Art of Baden-Württemberg and comprises 12 doctoral projects, which are awarded in the form of scholarships.

We are looking for graduates with a very good Master’s degree, corresponding previous knowledge, and high motivation.  The cooperative doctoral college is open to graduates of universities of applied sciences and universities. Applications from graduates of universities of applied sciences are expressly welcome!


The projects are supervised by the respective project managers (for the UniTyLab this is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner) in cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauernhansl from the Institute for Industrial Manufacturing and Factory Operation (IFF in German). The doctoral scholarship holders are integrated into the doctoral program at the IFF of the University of Stuttgart, which opens up a wide range of additional qualification opportunities.

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