Ergonomics in practical testing

Ergonomics in practical testing

At the Ergonomics Day of the Technical Logistics Management course, students were able to learn in practice how goods are moved ergonomically and correctly.

Excited murmuring and fine humming can be heard from the Centre for Technical Processes on the Heilbronn – Sontheim campus. Students push or pull hand carts and lift boxes of equipment that look like small forklifts. How can I „correctly“ move myself and objects to be transported in everyday working life? This question is very important for occupational safety and employee health. The Technical Logistics Management (TLM) course organized an Ergonomics Day to translate this question into practice. The focus was on the practical use of devices that make it possible to move goods ergonomically. The company Expresso made its handling and transport systems available for testing during the course.

The students were able to experience for themselves how easy it is to move a transport trolley, for example, if it has a sensor-controlled drive – in contrast to a transport trolley without…

Subsequently, the students of the 6th semester presented their own examples from the university or from companies they knew, in which they had found ergonomic optimization potential, and discussed their solution approaches in the plenum. „A beautiful event, well attended by students from other study courses, at which the students were able to experience the practice – and this is also our strength at Heilbronn University: to integrate practical experience into teaching“, summarized Dr. Annett Großmann, Professor for Business Organization and Technical Logistics in the study course Technical Logistics Management.

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