ACM CHI 2016 – Paper / Workshop

ACM CHI 2016 – Paper / Workshop

Multisensory HCI


Workshop Aims

This workshop will draw together an international and interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers, and developers from academia and industry to collaborate and explore the opportunities around multisensory design, and the user experiences surrounding this design in human computer interaction. We will challenge current interaction paradigms, mainly based on audio-visual and increasingly tactile user interfaces, and explore meaningful design spaces and map future trajectories for touch, taste, and smell for interactive systems.

More specifically, this workshop focuses on three grand challenges in multisensory experience research:
  • Discuss what tactile, gustatory, and olfactory experiences we can design for.
  • Explore different ways of how to design multisensory experiences for both touch and the chemical senses.
  • Capture meaningful application contexts and interaction scenarios for multisensory stimulation.
This workshop is only defining the beginning for a new generation of research endeavors in HCI, with a strong foundation in, and potential impact on, other disciplines such as the sensory and cognitive sciences.

The paper entitled „Augmented Reality beyond seeing: How can interactive tangible in-garment systems extend HCI?“ was successfully submitted this year by Sebastian Rauh  and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner. Sebastian Rauh took part in the workshop described above on May 7, 2016.

Here you can see the video of the submitted paper:

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