Master Thesis gets Third Place at the Best Paper Award

Master Thesis gets Third Place at the Best Paper Award

Heilbronn, April 2015.

For the concept of an e-learning system based on a Head Worn Display and gesture recognition, Sebastian Rauh, a graduate of the Master’s program in Medical Informatics at Heilbronn University and the University of Heidelberg, received third place in a Best Paper Award for students at the international electronic displays Conference. In his final thesis entitled „Conceptual Design and Proof of Concept of a Head Worn Display based eLearning system“, the 28-year-old conceived a software that makes a medical e-learning program operable by gesture using video glasses and a camera.

E-Learning System with Gesture-Based Control

The relevant e-learning system of the Heidelberg Virtual Patient Center is used in the training of prospective physicians and is currently optimized for use on desktop PCs. The program simulates standard examinations on virtual patients. Rau’s feasibility study was able to develop a feasible concept for using the exercise program via a Head Worn Display. For his work, Rauh was able to draw on the infrastructure of the UniTyLab computer science laboratory at Heilbronn University, where research is being carried out into human-computer interaction. „From desktop screen to tablet or Smartphone is a step, in the research we develop already software for further output forms, like data and video eyeglasses and work beside in the range of new control possibilities such as the gesture control’’, explains Professor Dr. Engineer Gerrit Meixner, director of the UniTyLabs and responsible person of the master thesis of Sebastian Rauh. In addition, the medical informatics graduate was supervised by Professor Dr. Martin Haag, a professor in the medical informatics courses at Heilbronn University, who in turn created the interface to the Heidelberg Virtual Patient Center and the application case under investigation.

The Student Paper Award of the Electronic Displays Conference

The Paper Award for students has been presented at the electronic displays Conference since 2007. The international conference is aimed at display specialists from industry and research. „Prof. Meixner encouraged me to take part in the Student Paper Award and I was delighted to be among the top three,“ Rauh said. For his third place, Rauh received a book voucher worth 150 euros and a Display Development Kit as a prize.

First place in this year’s competition went to Thierry Frising from Aschaffenburg University for his work „Developing New Possibilities of Human-Computer-Interaction with MEMS-Sensors and a Cube-like Display“. Felix Freese from the University Pforzheim took second place with the topic „Monitoring an HV battery using Augmented Reality“.

The Electronic Displays Conference

The electronic displays Conference (edC) is an annual international conference for display specialists from industry and science. The conference can already look back on a 30-year tradition since 2007 it takes place annually in Nuremberg. The integrated Paper Award for students also exists since 2007.

Background on UniTyLab

The Usability & Interaction Technology Laboratory (UniTyLab) was founded in 2013 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner together with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Meroth and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Wittenberg. The focus of the UniTyLab is to develop novel user interfaces and innovative technologies in the field of human-technology interaction or to transfer existing interaction concepts to new application cases and domains and to evaluate them. The UniTyLab bundles competences of the faculties of computer science and mechanics and electronics in order to use the expertise of the domains automation technology, automotive and medicine located at the university and to further advance the quality of human-technology interaction.

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